Our History

Our History

In January, 1956 the idea originated for a community ambulance service in Lititz, PA. By June of that year, the American Business Club of Lititz took on the sponsorship of the Warwick Community Ambulance and the Warwick Ambulance Drivers Association was formed to operate it. The first ambulance was loaned to the club and housed in a garage at no charge. Within 6 months, 850 families had signed up for membership and the ambulance had responded to 70 calls. By the end of 1956, the AMBUCS had acquired their own ambulance, a 1954 Cadillac.

In August, 1957 a tract of land was purchased to house the new ambulance, and with the help of many caring community members a brick, two vehicle garage was erected in 1958. The garage was paid for the same year. In 1960 the Club purchased a brand new ambulance - a 1960 Cadillac. The price was $14,000 and it was fully paid by 1962. The organization replaced its ambulance on a regular basis and by 1975 it was obvious that a second ambulance was needed due to the population growth in the area.

In 1979, the American Business Club purchased the old Lititz Borough garage located across North Lane from the original garage. The purchase price was $23,000 and it was remodeled to accommodate the expanded services required by the community. This building was later expanded to allow sleeping quarters and a kitchen for the volunteers. The physical changes to Warwick Community Ambulance are obvious to anyone who has lived in Lititz or the surrounding area. It is the changes in EMS, however, that have had the largest effect on the organization. In the beginning the only requirements to be a provider were a valid driver's license and a wish to serve the community.

By 1963 the drivers were trained in First Aid. Today, the minimum requirement is a course in Emergency Response (First Responder). Many of our providers are trained as Emergency Medical Technicians. In addition to the time the providers give to respond to the calls, they are required to keep their training up-to-date and learn new skills. The additional requirements have taken a toll on the number of new volunteers at Warwick and every other ambulance association. We have been fortunate to be joined by an excellent paid staff, but continue to look for caring volunteers. In 1999, we added a Wheelchair Van to our fleet and a wonderful group of new volunteers joined the organization. Routine transports in the van have become an important part of the service we offer to Lititz Borough, Warwick Township and a portion of Penn Township.

Another new service from Warwick Community Ambulance was introduced in May, 2003. As a Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance, we had cared for and transported patients. The changes in dispatching emergency services has increased the use of Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulances dramatically. Although we had excellent ALS units serving us, they came in from other communities when needed. We felt it was time for Warwick Community Ambulance to add our own ALS service. The ALS service has been busy since day one. Warwick Ambulance's Medic 12 was the first ALS unit in Lancaster County to offer pre-hospital 12 lead EKGs to our patients. 12 lead EKGs allow our Paramedics to quickly begin treatment and notify the hospital of heart attacks.

In 2011 another new ambulance was purchased to replace an 8-year old rig. Rather than trade it in, WCAA was asked to donate it to a Central American country. It was decided that the goodwill generated by this action was worth more than the tiny trade in allowance offered.

The growth in our territory made us look at the level of service we were being asked to provide and it was decided that a third rig was indeed necessary to meet the growing demands of the community. That rig was purchased in 2012 and the groundwork was laid for the expansion of 2013-14.